Saturday, September 29, 2012

Not uttering the word salt at night

At many places, there is a custom that, one should not utter the word salt at night. They use words like, that one, the one that is there in that box/packet etc.

The original reason is, one should not use too much of salt. So, the ancestors might have said, never use salt at night time. But, still, people in their house might wanted to use that, and since, they may be fear of the head of the family, if they say salt at night. So, they would have started using words like, that one, the one which is there in that box etc. Gradually, their children and grand children might have continued using those words without knowing the original reason.

Eventhough, the original purpose was to reduce the usage of salt, without reducing that, we have just reduced the uttering the word salt.

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