Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Picking up the Best Among the Available

Assume you are picking fast bowlers for Indian cricket team. What is the point of getting angry at Zaheer for being worse than Akram or Steyn. What matters for selection is whether he is better than the rest of Indian fast bowlers. As simple as that. 

Since Zaheer is worse than Dale Steyn, we have to go back in time and pick Debashish Mohanty.

This is exactly how people vote during the elections. Since, the candidate proposed by a good party is not as good as Mahathma Gandhi, so, we are going to vote for the leader who has lot of criminal charges.

First part is taken from http://www.quora.com/India/Why-do-people-who-support-Narendra-Modi-choose-to-pardon-ignore-forget-his-alleged-role-in-the-Gujarat-riots/answer/Balaji-Viswanathan-2

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