Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ram Charan Teja and the Software Engineers

Few days back, Ram Charan Teja's security people beaten two software engineers. Both have given their version of stories, and it is very interesting to compare them.

Version of Ram Charan Teja is taken from his press release video, and version of software engineers is taken from different news papers. For better clarity, the following is written in first person.

SW Eng: We were waiting at a red signal, and Ram Charan honked to make way for him. We could not give way due to red signal.

Ram Charan: There was one car with L board, and they did not move even after green signal.

SW Eng: At green signal, we moved, and Ram Charan overtook us and while overtaking, he yelled at us.

Ram Charan: While overtaking, I told them with signs that, "Don't practice driving at this busy road with L board."

SW Eng: Before the next signal, he stopped the car in front of our car, and did not let us go.

Ram Charan: At the next signal, I was waiting for red signal, and these people were repeatedly honking.

SW Eng: When we checked them, we saw Ram Charan making a phone call.

Ram Charan: Then, one person came and knocked on the glass window on my wife's side. His hair was not combed properly, and he does not have sandals or shoes. I don't know in which situation he was there, and I don't know what kind of threat is there.

SW Eng: In few mins, his security came and had beaten us.

Ram Charan: I called my security and asked them to deal with them. In that scuffle, their shirt might have torn.

News Papers say that, the software engineers did not file any complaint, because, it is of no use to file complaint against a celebrity, who is a son of another big celebrity and union minister.

Ram Charan: I did not complain, keeping in view of their careers. If a cycle hits car or car hits cycle, it is the mistake of the car.

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