Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Having No Governance

Freedom, democratic rights, the fundamental right to disagree with those who rule us, these things mean nothing until they are taken away.

The same thing is applicable for governance. We do not give value to governance, unless there is no governance.

If there is no governance at the national level, many anti-social elements can cause threat to the country at many levels including external security, internal security, economy, business and many other things. In India, probably only those who have migrated from/to India/Pakistan at the time of partition, would have seen how worse it can be, when there is no governance.

I would say, at any time, having Rahul Gandhi as PM is much better than having no governance.

If the same situation of Delhi happens in 2014 Parliament elections, and AAP forces to have no government, then that would be the worse thing for the country. I guess, in that situation, BJP and Congress may go together and form the government. Then, AAP leaders will give speech at Ram leela maidhan once again proving that, BJP and Congress are ready to do anything for power.

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