Monday, December 16, 2013

Since we cannot do 100%, Let's not do anything

Since, we cannot fulfill the first promise that we made, we will not form the government.

[When they get majority, little above 50%] We will not form the government, since, for one promise, it requires approval of the public accounts committee, and that is headed by chief opposition party. We will form the government, only if we get 90% seats. [So that, no party gets Chief Opposition Party status.]

[When they get majority in the union government, but less than 2/3rd seats] Since we cannot do the constitutional amendment, and we cannot fulfill the promises that we made without that, we are not going to form the government. We will form the government, if we get more than 2/3rd seats.

[When they get 2/3rd majority in the union government] For one promise we can do constitutional amendment, only if half of the states agree. Since, we don't have majority in half of the states, we are not going to form the government. We will form the government, when we get majority in half of the states.

Since, we cannot do 100% we promised, we are not going to do anything. Since, we cannot give absolutely good governance, we will give no governance.

Unless one has more than 90% control everywhere, one must go with others for something or other. If you want to do good for public, you can never ever say, "I will not go with that party/person at all".

I never thought, in a discussion between Mani Shankar Aiyar and some other party leader, I would give more respect to Mani Shankar Aiyar.

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