Saturday, November 01, 2014

Morality in Public Life

There is no meaning to morality in public life. Morality is an individual affair. In public life, the only thing that matters is, what is the loss or gain by a particular action. Typically, the word morality is used by the people who are incapable of taking proper decisions and want to blame others for their inefficiency.

Few centuries back, selling food was immoral. Now, that is one of the biggest businesses in the world. Two centuries back, if you tell anyone that, whether they want to earn money on the death of their loved ones, you would be seen as a heartless person. Now, if you don't have life insurance, there are many people who would run after you till you take the insurance.

I was told an immoral act of Nita Ambani (Wife of Mukesh Ambani). I don't know the truth of it. She has bought a public flight and got all the tax exemptions. But, she is using it only for her private use. When asked, she says, she buys ticket, whenever she travels by that flight. So, it is a public flight only. This defeats the real purpose for the tax exemption.

I heard that there is an (immoral) insurance for ticket-less travel for Mumbai local trains. You can pay some amount to the insurer, and travel in Mumbai local trains without any ticket. If any TTE checks for the ticket, then you pay the fine and submit the receipt to the insurer and get full refund.

In both the cases, those who are not capable of doing any business or running the government say that, they are immoral. If one is capable, they will do things to fix this. If government imposes rule with the requirement of minimum revenue from a public flight, and if anyone generates less revenue, they have to pay appropriate tax, then this problem will not be there.

In the case of ticket-less travel, if the railways department increases the no.of TTEs and if they verify as many tickets as possible, then the insurer would collapse. If people say that, TTEs joined with insurers in this corruption, it only means, railway department cannot handle the corruption in their own organization and does not know how to run business, but, is blaming the passengers.

In public life, if anybody brings the concept of morality, it only means that, that person is incapable of doing anything and wants to blame others for his/her incapability.

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