Thursday, November 13, 2014

More No.of Ministers in the Government

For those who say that, no.of ministers in the Government should be less,

If you own a company, and if the no.of employees is reduced, do you think the company is going in the right direction?

As long as each employee is providing more value to the company than the total expenditure incurred by him/her, we should always try to increase the no.of employees. If you think, the employees are wasting money, then you should be firing the employees. If all the employees are like that, and if you cannot change the employees, then you should close the company.

India has too many outdated policies/acts, which are blocking the progress of the country. Since we have a long process to change any law, it would be better, if we have more ministers, so that more no.of laws can be changed/repealed sooner. If anyone think, the ministers are not doing their job, then they should be asking to sack the ministers or bring down the government, rather than asking for reducing the number of ministers.

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