Friday, December 23, 2016

Giving Prizes when there is no need

Organizations announce prizes for certain things to encourage/discourage people to do/not do that. If the people are going to do that anyway, even if there are no prizes given, then it is of no use to announce the prizes. It is just waste of money.

If people are interested in doing that, but, somehow they are not doing it, one needs to check why are they not doing it. If it is pure laziness, then the prizes may help. But, if it is not due to laziness, then one should fix the problem rather than giving prizes.

Prime Minister announced prizes worth of Rs.340 crore for doing transactions through digital, which is going to start on Christmas and ends on April 14th. I feel, this is absolute waste of money. If this has been announced much before demonetization and ended on Nov 7th or 8th, it would have made lot of sense. But, after demonetization, this is of no use.

Many people are ready to move to digital. But, due to lack of knowledge/facilities or high cost of the credit card machines etc., they are unable to move. Government should use this money and spend its effort in helping everyone to move to digital by providing the knowledge/facilities, instead of giving it as prize.

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