Thursday, March 13, 2008

Communicator Alerts

If anyone used Gaim (or pidgin) extensively, and if they start using Microsoft Communicator, then they would disappoint very much. It is because of the lack of control of the communicator. With communicator, you cannot get many kinds of alerts, say the user's status changes to Away or busy. You can get only alerts when the user is available or goes offline.

Microsoft provides the SDK for communicator, by which you can develop your own communicator. It is very easy to use the SDK. I have developed a small software by which I can receive the alerts for the people I want. This is not a replacement of communicator. This just gives the alerts of the contacts.

Download the binaries for Communicator Alerts

Download the source for Communicator Alerts

A special thanks to SG for inspiring me to develop this software.

Update: This is outdated now. Pidgin has a plugin SIPE by which one can replace office communicator. With that, we can get all kinds of alerts, logging and everything.

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