Thursday, March 27, 2008

Telugu is in Top 10 in no.of orkut communities

language communities largest community members
Portuguese 40,460,878 Eu amo a minha MÃE!3,903,588
English 3,738,534 Nike 624,095
English (UK) 469,538 David Beckham 118,657
Spanish 186,323 Pra que serve o Orkut? 79,734
Hindi 43,837 Cafe Coffee Day 55,492
Estonian37,199 Estonia 63,505
All34,294 Caipirnhas 311,487
French 25,118 Paris 21,772
Telugu23,925 Abba cha 15,665

English is split into two (English and English(UK)). All the communities that do not specify any language is categorized as "All". If we merge English, and remove All, then telugu would be in 7th position.

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