Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Country My Life by L.K.Advani

I have bought My Country My Life by L.K.Advani from I have not read any biography in the last 12 years except of Lord Krishna, and Prabhupada. This is the first time for me to buy a book in 15 days after release. Let's see whether I will read this or not.


  1. Keep reading about Krishna.That only keep you in the world of bliss.Try to popularize the great stories of Lord.

  2. So did you read and did you like it? and why did you pick this book?

  3. I have read few pages. I am little busy these days. So, could not post comments about that book. Once, I get time, I will post comments about that.

    Eenadu (telugu news paper) used to publish few snippets of the book everyday. By reading those snippets, I got interest, and bought the book.

  4. Just glanced the review about the book in the FRONTLINE magazine. It wasn't very encouraging. The critic's point is that the author has not been objective and seems to self-justify his decisions or actions.

    Next time, you may want to try, for books. It's not that I don't prefer shopping on Indiaplaza, but browsing experience is much much better. And not just that, you get free shippin and a little discount too.

  5. Is there any auto-biographer who is objective, and does not self-justify their decisions? I think all the auto-biographers do the same.

    If anyone thinks auto-biographies of Gandhi, and Nehru are good, then I would suggest to read the books of Gadse and others with a open mind. They will realize many things.

    By the way, this book costs Rs.547 at, and it costs Rs.100 less at indiaplaza with postage.

  6. Yeah. May be yes. Godse's one I've not heard. And any autobiography, I've not read them full :)

    Yeah, if one knows the title of the book, may be Indiaplaza is good bet. If otherwise, sites like Flipkart are a sign of things Indian online retail sites would look like in future. Search functionality is one feature most of our retails site don't seem to do well. However a search in Amazaon returns more often the expected result at the top.

    Looking forward to your entry on the review of this book.

  7. I did not mean the auto-biography of Gadse. I meant the books about Gadse and his view points.