Monday, May 25, 2009

Did Loksatta split votes of TDP or TDP split votes of Loksatta?

For the last few days, TDP has been saying that, it lost because of the votes split by Loksatta. It is well known that, most of the people who voted for Loksatta has TDP as the second preference. That's why TDP is saying like that. But, I would say, Loksatta lost because of TDP. Because, many people voted for TDP eventhough they wanted to vote for Loksatta, with the only reason that, they did not want Congress to come back to power. Due to some external reasons, many votes went to TDP from Loksatta. That's why, I would say, TDP has split the votes of Loksatta, and not the other way.


  1. glass is not half full... it has only one drop of water...

  2. It does not matter whether it is half full or only one drop of water. The question is only whether TDP split votes of Loksatta or Loksatta split votes of TDP.

    In few constituencies, Loksatta would have won, if TRS had contested instead of TDP.