Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vote For Party or Vote For Candidate

Many times, I have seen people voting for a person, because, the contestant is a good person. This is fine in Corporation, Municipality, and Panchayat elections. But, this is a not a good criteria in Assembly or Parliament elections. In Assembly and Parliament elections, the criteria should be how good the top 5 controllers of the party, and not the contestant.

All the members of Parliament (Loksabha as well as Rajya sabha) are supposed to join any ministry of their choice, and come up with policies that will improve their ministry area. Every MP gets some money for improving their constituency (For Loksabha) or area (For Rajyasabha). They are expected to raise the bigger issues related to their consituency/area or which impacts other constituencies/areas.

The duty of MLA and MLC is also similar to Loksabha and Rajya Sabha MPs respectively. But, unfortunately, most of them have degraded to very low level. MLA is not expected to solve the problem of water connection, street roads or other smaller issues. Local corporator/Councillor/Surpanch is supposed to solve those. If they cannot solve, then they should go to chairperson/Mayor. But, the present MLAs degraded to very low level problems and started taking commissions in every small thing.

Many people say that, I never saw MLA, and he never bothers about my problems, so, I am not going to vote for that person. That is not correct. For their small problems, they are electing councillors and chairman. It is their responsibility to solve. MLA will come into picture, only if the problem is very big. MLA's responsibilities include high level issues which impact the entire constituency/state, and not one family.

In most of the parties, the top 5 controllers control the entire Country/State. So, electing one person from a party as a MLA or MP, is nothing but supporting the top 5 people of that party. Even if the candidate is very good, if the leader of the party is very bad, then the state/country will suffer by that. If we vote for a bad candidate under the leadership of very good leader, then the state/country will prosper. Corporator/councillor/Surpanch are supposed to solve the individual's problems, so in that elections, we should vote for the person and never for the party.

Unfortunately many people do not know the difference between these two, and not electing properly.

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