Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drivers - Timings

It is disheartening that 5 Infosys employees were killed in a bus accident.

What I observed is, most of the time, people miss very basic things. In many fields, people work more than the required no.of hours in their job. Eventhough productivity goes down by working more than enough, still the managers make them to work more. The same thing is happening even with drivers.

I know three accidents of my acquaintances, out of which two are of car, and one case is of two wheeler. In both the cases of car accidents, the driver did not have enough sleep. Due to functions, they needed more time of the driver, and in both the cases, the driver had to work for more than 12 hours. When I asked them, why did not they get another driver for few days, their reply was, it was difficult and tedious to get a driver for few days. They talked as if, it was unnecessary to get a new driver or take a car for rent just for few days. But, the price they paid was very high for the savings. In those cases, they did not even wear seat belts. Had they wore seat belts, the impact would have been lesser. In the case of two wheeler, had the person wore a helmet, he would have been saved.

Most of the accidents and injuries would be reduced significantly, if everyone takes two precautions. The driver should not drive, if the he does not have enough rest. All the passengers should wear seat belts/helmets. These two simple things will save many lives and injuries. I request everyone to follow atleast these two basic points.

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