Monday, November 09, 2009

Sakshi - Congress

When Sakshi news paper was started, Congress was very happy for getting one news paper exclusively for themselves. They thought they get very good publicity by that news paper. But, now, Congress might have realized the problem. For the last 1 month, there are significant no.of news items in the first page about failures in the government. Almost everyday, it says that, the Government is not doing this thing or that thing. Eventhough the things that government is not doing do not have any significant impact, still, Sakshi is trying to highlight all the negative aspects of the government.

For those, who do not understand why this is happening,

Sakshi is owned by Y.S.Jagan, (S/O, Late C.M. Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy). When, Dr.Y.S.R was C.M., Sakshi used to give good publicity to the government and to Congress. After the death of Dr.Y.S.R, Jagan wanted to become C.M. But, since he has not been made C.M., he is trying the footsteps of his father to defame the government, so that the government falls, and he can try to become Chief Minister. Dr.Y.S.R has done similar things back in 1990-92. He tried his best to become C.M. between 1990-92. But, Party high command did not agree then. Finally, he got hold in 2004.

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