Friday, November 06, 2009

Vajpayee - Right Man in a Wrong Party

This is the famous quote that I have been hearing about Vajpayee for a long time. I feel, whoever says that, does not have even basic knowledge about real politics. They know only dirty politics.

The reason why these so called famous journalists give this type of comment was because, BJP is a party for hindus, and Vajpayee is a secular. Before deciding whether a party/person is secular or not, they have to see secularism from all aspects. It is unfortunate that, in India, if anybody supports any religion other than Hinduism, they are called as secular people. The supporters of Hinduism are called as Hindu fanatics or something similar. By the way, this article is not about religion and whether BJP is secular or not.

Shyam Prasad Mukherjee was a freedom fighter. He and Nehru were not aligned in many principles and the way of executing. Shyam Prasad Mukherjee supported Free Market Economics, where as Nehru supported Socialist economics. The way Nehru handled the issue of Jammu & Kashmir was not liked by Shyam Prasad Mukherjee. There were many difference between them, and finally Shyam Prasad Mukherjee started Bhartiya Jana Sangh in 1952, Which later on became Bhartiya Janatha Party (BJP). Even after 57 years, BJP still has the same goals and vision set by Shyam Prasad Mukherjee. The party is lead by the idelogies rather than People. BJP and Left parties are the only parties that are lead by the ideologies, where as all the other parties in India are lead by a person or a family (considering only the parties that had taken power atleast once).

Congress followed only Socialist Economics till 1991. After 1991, P.V.Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh changed the policies to Free Market Economics at the center. But, most of the Congress governments at states still follow the socialist economics policy only. On the other hand, BJP has always been following Free Market Economics since the beginning in 1952.

Regarding Jammu & Kashmir issue, Congress and BJP have exactly opposite opinions since the very beginning. There is no change in the opinions of either.

If we take the way the currency was devaluated in both Congress and BJP governments, one can find significant difference. Congress government devaluated rupee, whenever they felt like. But, BJP government devaluated only when there was no other option.

There are significant differences between both the parties in their policies on economics, governance and many others. Religion is just one small thing in their total vision. Unfortunately only that is projected significantly due to may reasons. Vajpayee is completely aligned with the policies of BJP. There is no other party in India which had similar policies. If they take all the policies of all the parties, and match with the policies of Vajpayee, he would be very close match with BJP, and not at all a match for any other party. I cannot understand on what basis, these so called famous people claim that Vajpayee is in wrong party.

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