Friday, June 25, 2010

Obituary - 35 years back

Obituary section on 27th June 1975 - Bombay Edition of Times of India

D'Ocracy - D.E.M.,
Beloved husband of T.Ruth,
Loving father of L.I.Bertie,
Brother of Faith, Hope, Justice
Expired on 26th June.

35 years back, on the same day, Emergency was declared on June 25th 1975 at night. That was the first time, when the president has taken an important decision on the advice of the Prime Minister alone (without the cabinet). The Home Minister Kaasu Brahmananda Reddy came to know about it only after Indira Gandhi intimated to the president. All other Cabinet Ministers came to know only the next day at 6 AM during the cabinet meeting.

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