Friday, June 11, 2010

Unfair Practices of Mobile Companies

Tata Indicom has started unlimited plan within their network. If anyone recharges with Rs.299, they get unlimited talk time for one month. With that unlimited talk time, they can talk for 30 minutes everyday within their network. After 30 minutes, they charge nominal price of 50 paise per minute. On sundays, they can talk for 60 minutes. If we calculate the charge in the plan, it turns out to be approximately 30 paise per minute. It is same as any other plan by any service provider.

There are many service providers who just subscribe to the value added services without taking confirmation from the customer, and enable it and charge the customer every month. If the customer calls customer care and asks them why they enabled that service, they would say that, customer received the call, accepted it, and it was enabled. There are many instances where the customer never receives the call, but, the customer care says, they received the call and accepted the offer. The unsubscription from the service is so complicated that, a normal uneducated person cannot do himself/herself. Many times, they are not even aware that, they were charged.

These mobile companies are thinking that, since the consumer is ignorant, and nobody is going to file any case against them, they can just say whatever they want. Even if anyone files case against them, still, because of slow speed at courts, and not so severe fines, the company can easily escape.

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