Monday, June 14, 2010

Politicians Way of Solving Problems

Chetan Bhagath has explained the way of solving problems by politicians in a very simple way in his book, The 3 mistakes of My Life.

It is like two customers go to a restaurant and the manager gives them only one plate of food. And if you want to eat, you must fight the other guy. The two guys get busy fighting, and some people tell them to make amends and eat half plate each. In all this, they forget the real issue - why didn't the manager provide two plates of food?

Our politicians do not provide enough, and within the limited resources, they will bring hundreds of acts and policies and they make people to fight each other in those hundreds of acts, and people forget the real issue that, if enough resources are provided, it would solve the real problem.

If we take higher education, government has complete control on it, and it does not allow everyone to provide services in education. There are many students who would like to study, but, there are not enough colleges for all of them. So, to solve that problem, government introduces many things and there will be many acts like the following.

  • Reservations based on caste
  • Reservations based on locality/NRIs
  • Minority Colleges
  • Acts for the number of seats in each college
  • Acts for the admissions of the students in the colleges
  • Acts for the management quota
  • Acts for the fees structure in the colleges

People and political parties spend a lot of time in debating all the above and everyone forgets the root problem. If they just allow enough no.of colleges with open competition, it would solve the original problem, and the government never need to solve any other pseudo problem. But, that make politicians go out of job, so they don't do it.

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