Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Doctors - Responsibilities

  • Drinking 2 liters of water everyday morning before brushing with empty stomach
  • Eating sweets regularly to maintain sugar levels
  • Drinking warm salt water in case of stomach pain
The above three health tips saved me from lot of pain, money and time. Unfortunately, doctors did not give these advices, but my friend and relatives have given. (one of them is a doctor, but, she has not given the advice as a doctor.)

I have met many doctors, and I have told them all my problems. All the doctors gave the medicines that solves the problem for the time being. But, none of them gave any health tips by which the disease will not come back in future. A doctor giving just an advice without medicine as the treatment is too much to expect. The doctors should give treatment in such a way that, the patient does not need to come back. But, I hardly met a doctor who does treatment like that. When I ask for the root problem, almost everyone tells in very abstract terms, which are not at all useful. I feel many doctors are not doing what they are supposed to do.

Drinking 2 liters of water everyday morning with empty stomach before brushing cleans the stomach, and many problems related to intestine would be solved by that.

If the sugar level goes down, then one may get frequent headache and feel stressed even by small work. One must maintain sugar levels for good health. Except those who have high sugar levels, everyone should take enough sugar or related products regularly to maintain the sugar level.

Courtesy: Krishnan Sundaram and Dr.Usha Rani Vinnakota


  1. I agree with the first and third points. But the second point seems a bit ambiguous. Sugar does not mean the sugar we use in coffee and tea regularly. Sugar means the compound C6H12O6. We(South Indians) eat lot of rice every day and it is converted to starch and lots of sugar as well. With the kind of jobs we are doing now a days, I think, we do not have to consume any more sweets explicitly.

  2. When I meant sugar related products, I meant, anything that is finally converted to sugar.

    These days, many people are reducing eating sweets fearing that they would put on weight. Sometime back, even I stopped for the same reason. When I stopped eating sweets, I started getting headache frequently and used to feel stressed even by small work. After restarting eating sweets, the problem has been reduced.