Monday, December 27, 2010

Extra Storage For Mails

Those who are old enough would know that, 10 years back, yahoo used to offer 4 MB of email space, and by paying some amount, one could upgrade to 10 MB. (If you are a kid, you are reading the numbers and measurements correctly.)

At that time, I thought, why would anyone upgrade the email account? Everybody would just register another email account and forward all the old mails to that account. In 2004, Gmail started giving 1 GB, and in couple of years, it increased to 6 GB and then to 7 GB. That is a lot of storage. Till two years back, I was under the same impression that, we never need to buy extra storage for the mails, and in the worst case, we can register another email id.

Now, I have upgraded my Gmail account, and I am paying money for my personal email account. Ignoring how much I am paying for the extra space, even two years back, I thought, there was no question of paying money for my personal email account. But, it became invalid in just two years.

One famous quote that is misattributed to Bill Gates
        640K ought to be enough for anybody.

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