Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards

Whenever I get an invitation for any function, the first trouble that I face is, "What gift should I give?" I am very bad at selection, and I used to chose something random. Most of the time, the recipients told me that the gift was good, and I am 99% sure, they told that out of courtesy.

Some time back, when I was moving out of the team that I was working, I came to know that, the team members were thinking of some gift for me. I was 100% sure that, whatever they give, I would put it in my suitcase safely atleast for the next 5 years. But, I was 100% wrong.

They had given me gift vouchers of Crossword Book stores. Very soon, I visited the store, and spent equivalent money of the gift vouchers by purchasing the books equivalent to the double the value of the gift vouchers.

After they gave me the gift vouchers, one of the team members said, if I am going to buy a book of Rs.350, then, I can give two Rs.250 gift vouchers, and the shopkeeper gives back a credit note of Rs.150, and I can use that credit note to buy another book in 6 months time. When, he was telling that, I did not say anything to him. But, I was 100% sure that, I will never need to take a credit note, and I did not take.

Thanks to (in no particular order)

Anurag N
Krishna Doss
Parag Bhand
Praburaj Thiagarajan
Raghavendra Babu
Santosh Javagondanahalli Padaraj
Sravanthi Rajanala
Srikrishna Mutnuru
Srinivas Patnaik
Tanu Singhal

This was the second gift that I had received that was useful for me.

Gift Voucher is a very good gift that can be given to anyone who is staying in a city. Recently Canara Bank introduced Gift Cards which can be used like a credit card. That is also a very good option to give it as a gift.

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  1. Thank u Satish, i came to know a new way of giving gifts....if we give vouchers or gift card, the can buy what they like...will try to implement it...:)