Sunday, January 02, 2011

Why Did Dr.JP Contest From Kukatpally?

This is the question that is raised by few politicians. They say that, since, Kukatpally has more people from his caste, he contested from there.

For this, Dr.JP answered just in one statement.

If they are going to decide, where we have to contest, let them decide at all the places. We will decide where they have to contest.

However the transparent a system is, there are few things that are not disclosed, and few others are not disclosed after certain level. If you are giving awards, or doing performance review for your employees, or selecting the employees for different projects, you will not disclose everything that happened in the closed rooms. If you do that, it will lead to disaster only.

Let's suppose, you are planning to give awards to few great scientists. You thought, who are better than the scientists who received Nobel prize, and decided to give the awards to all the scientists who won Nobel prize. Since, it is not a good idea to disclose the criteria of the awards, you did not disclose it. Now, I criticize you that, you are biased to Jews, and you are discriminating others. [Jews won 20% of the Nobel prizes, but, they comprise of only 0.2% of the population.] After my criticism, would you change your criteria, or go-ahead with your original plan. If you are planning to change the criteria, you are a stupid.

Let's suppose, if Dr.JP contests from a different place, what would those politicians say? If he contests from Serilingampally or Malkajgiri, they would give the same reasons as of Kukatpally. If he contests from Khairatabad or any other high class area in Hyderabad, they would find appropriate word and criticize with that. If he contests from any part of Coastal Andhra or Rayalaseema (irrespective of whether it is his hometown or the places where he worked as collector), the same politicians criticize him as the supporter of United Andhra in a big way. Right now also they are criticizing him as a supporter of United Andhra. But, if he contests from outside Telangana, it would be even more. If you are going to change the place you contest, just because of some criticism from some leader, then next time you will not find any constituency.

For any political party, the transparency of selection of the candidate should be there within the working committee and to some extent to the potential candidates. For everyone else (even if they are senior members of the party), it is none of their business. If they make it transparent to everyone (or atleast to the other political parties), that party will not be there by the next elections.

For the question on why did Dr.JP contest from Kukatpally only, Namasthe Andhra has answered in a very nice and simple way in it's article. Educated people can easily understand the new politics and the politics without money, so he contested from Kukatpally and not because of caste.

If you still have not understood why I wrote about giving awards to the Nobel prize winners, read it once again.

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