Thursday, January 13, 2011

Uncapped Players in IPL

IPL did not put the players who never played for India in auction. Players like Ambati Rayudu, Manish pandey have never played for team India, so they were not put in the auction. By the rules of IPL, they can get at max of Rs.30 Lakh and Rs.20 Lakh respectively. Those players can directly talk to the franchises and make agreements.

In the last few days, I have read so many news items and cartoons sympathizing them for getting so less money in IPL, where as players who played very few matches for team India are getting in crores.

If an important player comes just for Rs.30 Lakh, who would not want him? Every team would fight for him. If more than one team fights for him, what would he do? He would increase his price. Since, IPL does not allow him to take more than Rs.30 Lakh, he would take the extra amount as black. Finally, whoever can give him more money, he would play for that team.

The difference is, in the auctioning, the teams can spend at max Rs.45 crore for buying the entire team, where as in this case, there is no cap for the players. (That's why these players are called as Uncapped players. ;) )

There is no need to sympathize the uncapped players. All of them get good amount of money for their capability.

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