Thursday, September 29, 2011

How Different Companies Respond to New Requirements


You don't need that functionality. We know what you need more than you. Don't argue with us. You don't need that functionality.

Open Source

That functionality is already implemented. You cannot come up with any requirement, which we have not yet implemented. May be they are just command line tools and may not have UI. Most of the companies just develop the UI on top of our libraries and sell as if they developed it everything themselves.


Nobody is asking us the requirements. Everybody is just hacking our software, and developing whatever they want. When we release newer version, and if those hacks do not work, then they just blame on us saying that, we don't maintain the backward-compatibility. The open source enthusiasts criticize us that, Linux is more windows friendly than Windows Vista, eventhough the fault is with those who hacked our softwares and developed applications with unsupported, undocumented, undisclosed internal APIs.


We give 99% of the functionality required by 99.99% of the people. If you are in the minority, pray God.

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