Friday, September 23, 2011

Showing Off Without Showing Off

Do little bit of extra work everyday, which your manager did not ask for. Don't tell him/her that, you have done these things extra which he/she did not ask for. Later on, make them realize in an indirect way that, you have done lot of work, but your manager does not know about it, because, you never cared about the recognition, but cared about only the project and company. The recognition that you get would be much more than what you would have got by giving regular updates on everything that you have been doing [Provided that the manager is little good manager].

You left for the day from office and your manager called you saying, there is an urgent issue. Ask him the details of the issue, and tell him/her that, you would be in office in 5 mins. You know very well that, it would take minimum 15-20 mins. When you reach the office after 20 mins, don't appear to the manager, and directly start working on the issue. Once you reach a state, where you have some details and need your manager's decision on taking the next step, go to your manager, and give the update. Your manager assumes that you had come to office in 5 mins.

Your manager has asked you to do something of low priority, whenever you are free. With the work load that you have, it can be done in 2 days time. But, you are lazy and do not want to do it, but, have done only after 5 days. If the work is of something for which, the manager does not need to take any action after your completion, then don't inform him/her that the work is finished. Whenever he/she asks about the update of that task, tell him/her that, it is done long back. Your manager assumes that it is done in 2 days.

I have to accept that, I am doing these things shamelessly (few knowingly and few unknowingly).

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