Thursday, September 08, 2011

Two Developers of Same Caliber Think Alike

If there are two developers who have same caliber, and if you don't like one developer (on technical aspects), and if you are not a developer, then don't criticize him/her at another developer who has the same caliber. Because, they think alike, and if you criticize one developer at another, then they will understand that it is your mistake, and not that of the other developer.

Many years back, in the company that I was working, a new project was started, and I joined that project with another developer who has almost equal knowledge as of me. Almost since the beginning, myself and the other developer had serious issues with two non-developers in that project. They used to give so many (stupid) suggestions on many design/architecture aspects, which we have thrown into garbage, and they were very unhappy with that. We used to rebel with everything that they used to say. We never interfered into their work, but, when they were trying to interfere in our work, we used to reject everything. They felt like, because of not using their suggestions, the project was going slowly. After few months, they had taken another developer who has more knowledge than me. Before he joined the team, these two non-developers had personal interaction with him. They criticized me and the other developer, and told him that, since, we did not take their ideas, the project was going slowly. They asked him to take the project in the proper direction by controlling me and the other developer.

After he joined the project, within few days, our work got reduced significantly. Previously, whenever the non-developers say anything, we used to spend lot of time in fighting with them. After he joined the project, he used to take the lead, and used to fight with the non-developers for everything. Myself and the other developer never needed to do any fighting and we were peaceful.

The non-developers thought by bringing that person, they would get the control of the project, but, it fired back on them. They never understood that, if one developer of some knowledge sees few issues in the design, then most probably, another developer of the same caliber would see almost the same issues in that design. Instead of trying to understand the problems in the others domain, if one gives suggestions and criticizes them, it would just fire back on them only.

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