Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Double Standards of Political Parties - Understanding What Politicians Actually Meant

BJP - Stand on Nuclear Deal

After wikileaks disclosed that BJP supported Nuclear Deal in private, many people criticized BJP for their behavior.

In my opinion, those whoever are criticizing BJP for this, do not know how to read one's manifesto, and how to interpret what the politicians speak.

Most of the indians do not know what the country needs, but, they think they know. Our media also never worries about the country. That's why, it is very difficult for any political party to convince a common man on a highly advanced policy. That's why political parties have double standards (sometimes indirect double standards).

In 2008, when there was discussion about Nuclear Deal, L.K.Advani rejected the bill saying, it would stop India from doing Nuclear tests. At the same time, Manmohan Singh said, we are not losing any rights on doing Nuclear tests.

By that itself, I understood that, BJP fully supports Nuclear deal. Because, from the statements of both, it was clear that, L.K.Advani did not have any objections. After the vote of confidence in 2008, Dr.JP clearly said that, BJP fully supports Nuclear deal. Unfortunately the common man did not understand it, since the media did not explain it.

When bill that is related to nuclear deal (Which was must to pass, for the nuclear deal with USA) was introduced in the Indian Parliament, BJP fully supported to that bill, and few parties of UPA did not support it. Again, the common man did not understand it, and the media did not try to explain it.

Another rumor was, when Vajpayee was the Prime Minister, BJP tried to have Nuclear Deal with USA, but, they could not materialize it.

But, when wikileaks said, BJP supported Nuclear deal, suddenly everyone understood it, and people started criticizing BJP left and right.

Understanding the political parties intentions is pretty simple. Read about them little deep, and read the entire news rather than headline. It would be straightforward.

Chandrababu Naidu

I am yet to see, when Chandrababu Naidu stands on atleast one of his main promises. Starting 1982, when his father-in-law N.T.Rama Rao started the party, till 2009 elections, repeatedly, he was doing things, which were theoretically considered as incorrect. But, whatever he has done, it was the best for the state.

Whether it was
1982 (when he openly challenged for anyone to defeat him in any constituency in Chittoor district; By the way, he lost it)
1983 (As soon as NTR won, he joined TDP)
1985 (Claims, he has saved NTR from Nadendla, where as Nadendla and Daggubati says the other way)
1994 (Prepared to jump to congress, if TDP loses)
1995 (Backstabbed NTR with Daggubati and Hari Krishna and became CM; Soon thrown out Daggubati, and after sometime thrown out Hari Krishna)
1998 (Jumped from United Front to NDA)
1999 (Full of useless promises, which destroys the state, which he never kept)
2004 (Another full of useless promises)

After these many things, in 2009, if anybody had really believed that, he would really give money to the poor people, there is nothing more funny than that. The unfortunate thing is, those who became upper middle class from middle class in the last 10-15 years, are not understanding that, it is because of him, they moved up in their wealth. When there are ignorant people like that, we have to tell lies for their development.

Lok Satta - Stand on Lokpal Bill

Most of the people would have known by now about this, but, many people did not know before.

Since the day one, Lok Satta or Dr.JP has not been in agreement with the Janlokpal bill proposed by Anna Hazare. But, they could not say it as the headline. Because, the supporters of Janlokpal were in such a way that, if anybody does not support Janlokpal, they are corrupt. They have huge publicity, where as Lok Satta is struggling to get publicity. Anna Hazare has huge publicity for his janlokpal bill, But, when Dr.JP tried to introduce bill on Anti-Corruption, nobody supported it.

That's why, there was no headline on anything against to Janlokpal till now, and Dr.JP or Lok Satta did not say anything against them till very recently. But, if anyone had read the notes of Lok Satta after the round table, it was very clear. Lok Satta was against bringing PM, Judiciary, MPs behavior in Parliament, and lower bureaucracy under lokpal, which were must for Anna Hazare. Those four documents were in the home page of for many months, and I don't know how many bothered to read them. Another very interesting thing was, Lok Satta has not drafted it's own version of Lokpal bill, eventhough, it's opinions are a lot different from all other bills. If Lok Satta drafts Lokpal bill, immediately all the supporters of Janlokpal will start campaigning against Lok Satta. Of course, the recent incidents in the last few days should make it clear for everyone. If not, you can assume that Lok Satta still supports JanLokpal (and vote for Lok Satta).

If you want to develop ignorant people, you have to have double standards. There is no other option.

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  1. As the old saying goes, "Yatha praja tatha Raja" ( I know I turned it around, since we are in a democracy!).
    If people are informed enough to understand the antics of the wise politicians it would have been so better