Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quote of the Day - Corruption and Lokpal

When CBI, CBCID, CID, ACB, courts, police, IAS/IPS officers, politicians and public could not reduce the corruption, because, (with the claim that) they themselves were corrupted, How can JanLokpal bill with more powers magically eliminate the corruption. Are we going to bring gods and angels as the Lokpal members?


  1. The magic words are in your post itself, "more powers".
    The existing agencies with the ability to start investigation by themselves and transparent ones can definitely help, not necessarily a new Lokpal.

    Even then, I am convinced that, a liberal economy is the only solution to most of our problems.

  2. Right now, even after the government gave permission to investigate, how many are proceeding further. Courts are already independent, and does not have any government control. How many people are getting punished?

    If we have corruption only at one level, then probably, creating another entity may be useful. But, if we have corruption at all the levels, then creating another entity with all the powers will not help. In fact, it will worsen the situation. If Lokpal has all the powers, it is nothing but, they are the dictators.

    If they tell all the corrupted leaders that, they have to pay money to them, otherwise, they would start investigating, who would stop them? I heard Lokayukta's in few states are already doing that.