Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Increase in the No.of Divorces

Many people are worried about increase in the no.of Divorces.

But, I am happy about it, because, the root cause for increase in the no.of divorces is, the women are becoming independent. That's why, if they cannot live with their husbands, then they are applying for divorce.

But, I am unhappy, because, Government gives too much power to women, and many women who are independent are misusing those acts, and because of that men are suffering. There are many stories at, where men suffered because of women unfairly.

If a woman suffers because of her husband, she can just leave him and take divorce. I don't see any reason, why does she need to use 498a act to get him arrested and put him in jail for few years. Within the limited circle I have, I have seen few women who, when they got some differences of opinions with their husbands, used this act and started harassing them. Obviously, I did not see any fair usage of this act.

If the wife's family is richer than the husband's family or if the local police is "so called" sincere, then the misuse is significantly more.

I still cannot understand why Chiranjeevi needs to arrest his son-in-law in the name of dowry harassment. Why cannot they just get divorce and leave him? Is it to take revenge for the things happened in 2007?

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