Thursday, August 18, 2011

Suicides by farmers

The following is the snippet from the above article.

“One of the articles in the Open page (April 24, 2011) talked of suicides of silk farmers. It said how a couple committed suicide because they were unable to pay a loan of Rs 80,000.

There was a sarcastic comment too: ‘This is equivalent to an IT couple's one month salary.' As a professional working in the IT industry for the past seven years, I was deeply saddened by that comment.”

My comment to the original article is,

The income tax paid by that couple is much more than Rs.80,000 per year. What is government doing with that money? Giving free TVs, cable connections and donating money in different forms rather than improving those poor farmers? These people do not question the government for anything, and fall on the people who are earning more money. If one does not do their duty properly, and criticizes others for everything, then they would never develop.

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