Saturday, August 06, 2011

Murders By Telangana Supporters

Two days back, one of my acquaintances went for counselling for P.G. admissions in Hyderabad, and was not allowed to attend counselling by the Telangana supporters. That student never lived in Coastal Andhra or Rayalaseema, and that student's parents also did not live in Coastal andhra or Rayalaseema in the last 30 years.

If one student is not allowed to counselling, then they would lose one year. If they stop 40 students, it means, they are destroying 40 years of people, and it is equivalent to killing one person.

In this case, Telangana supporters have done a murder, but, unfortunately no media covered it. However, the media covered the suicides of some ignorant people in the name of sacrifices for Telangana.

When United Andhra supporters destroyed the government property in Dec 2009, the court has given punishment of 10 years imprisonment to them at very fast speed. Whereas, for Telangana supporters, entire assembly (except one MLA) asked to withdraw the cases, and the cases did not even go to the court.

Some time back, one Telangana supporter commented that, Andhra people would be happy to construct buildings on the graveyards of Telangana people.

My reply to that is,

If anyone is going to destroy my life or the life of my close friends and relatives, then I will be more than happy to construct graveyards for them, irrespective of whether they are terrorists, militants or Telangana supporters.

If Lord Krishna gives special powers, I would like to eliminate all the people who have done direct/indirect murders in the name of separate Telangana. If not, I would like to become Yama Kinkara (the one who punishes people in Hell) and will punish all these in my own way, so that, they will not forget it for atleast for one life of Brahma (31,536,000,000,000 human years).

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