Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Had Sivamani been in Software Industry

Sivamani (Software developer) to the Manager:

I worked with 10 managers in 7 years in 2 companies. Ask any manager, "Sivamani strongly rejected my design. Can I go ahead with that?" If atleast one manager says, you can go ahead, then I will not interfere in your design again.

For those who did not watch the movie Sivamani, starring Nagarjuna,

Sivamani, (Sub Inspector of Police) says to the Liquor shop owner:

I worked at 8 places in 4 years. Ask anybody in those areas. "Sivamani asked to close the shop. Can I continue the business?" If atleast one person says, "there is no problem, you can continue", I will not interfere in your business again.

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