Friday, June 08, 2012

Buying Tickets in Black

I am seeing many people posting the following message.

We are also the reason behind the corruption. If we are buying a movie ticket for Rs.500, which actually costs, Rs.50, then the tax for Rs.450 is not going to the government. Cannot we postpone watching the movie? Please stop watching movie by buying tickets in black and reduce corruption.

Many times, I see people getting energized for everything, and most of the time, they miss the basics.

Government does not allow to increase the price of the ticket. i.e., The cinema theater owner does not have an option to sell it for Rs.500 officially, and pay the tax for Rs.500. He has to sell only for Rs.50, and pay the tax for Rs.50. So, if the theater is full, there will be absolutely no difference in the revenue of the government, irrespective of whether all the tickets are sold in black, or all the tickets are sold at the face value of the ticket.

If one does not buy ticket in black, what are they achieving? They are just saving their money. The country or the government is not going to get anything by that.

If there are hundred people who are ready to pay 10 times to the actual ticket price, why should they sell it for the face value of the ticket? If I have something, which others think that, it is valuable, why should I sell it for less than what the consumer can pay? By any business logic, selling it for less price is ridiculous. If I sell it for higher price, then the government gets more tax on that.

The only way to solve the corruption is, bringing liberalization. Any other solution is useful only to get fame in the minds of ignorant people.

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