Thursday, June 14, 2012

Persons With Disabilities - Satyameva Jayathe

In Satyamave Jayathe, there was one program on "Persons With Disabilities". The program mainly concentrated on, not having facilities for persons with disabilities doing anything themselves. For example, there are no ramps at many public offices, and people have to take others' help to reach there. In most of the educational institutes, there are no facilities for people with disabilities to go themselves.

One person suggested that, just with one single signature, this problem can be solved in all educational institutes. If the union education minister passes a bill saying that, if the educational institute does not have facilities for handicapped people, then it's recognition should be cancelled.

He and many other missed the point that, it is not just one single signature. Once that bill is passed, the government has to spend lot of money to provide the facilities in all the educational institutes. It takes lot of money, and it is never just one single signature.

The rules for private educational institutes are so high that, it is not an easy task for any small educational institute to get recognition. If they add this rule also, then there will be only international schools and all other educational institutes would be closed.

In many places, it is economically profitable, if the institute or office employs a person to help physically handicapped people rather than constructing ramps and other things.

I feel, we are asking too many things, when we don't have basic things.

How many people without any disabilities can travel in any city bus comfortably? How many people can catch the first bus that they get in their route?

In Hyderabad, the distance from Hyderabad Railway Station (Nampally) to Gachibowli (the main IT area) is 20 kms. Within this 20 kms, there are only two signals and only there, people can cross the road comfortably. There are no signals/subways/foot over bridges at any other place in that 20 kms main road, and it is very difficult for anybody to cross the road.

If normal people itself cannot travel comfortably, is there any need to talk about people with disabilities travelling by public transport? What would happen, if they bring bills like, all educational institutes should introduce the facilities for physically handicapped people, when even normal people cannot cross the road?

There are many solutions for many problems, which look like they solve the problem. But, before going there, we should check whether even more basic problems solved or not. If we try to solve one specific problem without solving very basic problems, it may have negative impact.

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