Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lok Satta and Communists Alliance

After Lok Satta Party and Communists party formed alliance, many volunteers and supporters of Lok Satta Party were strongly against the alliance.

If any problem, which is not very popular, is given to all the volunteers and supporters of Lok Satta Party (not to Dr.JP or other senior leaders of the party), most of them would give the same solution that is proposed by the Communists. Still, they are against the alliance.

I am not very much against the alliance with Communists, because, they form with TDP also. Whereas, the policies of Communists and TDP are completely different. Still, this kind of alliances will work, because, negligible no.of people would care about the policies for voting. That's why, it is not a problem, if Lok Satta Party forms alliance with Communists.

By the way, only Lok Satta Party and Communists are supporting proportional based voting. If proportional based voting comes, alliances will not have any meaning, and there will not be any pre-poll alliances.

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