Thursday, November 01, 2012

How to Get an Appointment with that Big Personality

The following are the general categories of people who ask for appointment of big personalities in the name of helping the big personality (Other than those who really help the big personality).

Mr.X is not doing correctly. I would like to give suggestions to him and would like to tell what he should do and what he should not do. For that, I need an appointment.

Mr.X is handling things only at national level. He is not worried about the things that are happening in a village. I must bring it to the notice of him. For that, I need an appointment.

I need appointment with Mr.X, so that, I can take suggestions from him in proceeding the activities in my village.

Mr.X has been in this field, even before many were born. He has lot of knowledge, and does not need any suggestions from anyone else. It is not worth of his time to spend time on smaller issues by ignoring bigger issues.

If you really want to help the big personality, the best thing that you can do is, not wasting his time.

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