Saturday, November 10, 2012

Movies on Impractical Politics

Few years back, people used to suggest me to watch few movies based on the Hindu scriptures like Mahabharath, Ramayan and Bhagavatham. After watching few movies of that type, I lost interest in watching movies based on the scriptures. The reason was, almost all the directors changed the story for their own reasons. Because of the distortion in the story, I lost interest in watching those movies.

Nowadays, I am getting recommendations to watch movies on politics. After watching those, I am getting the same feeling. I am losing interest in watching movies on politics, because most of the movies are not practical. They want to show something interesting/heroic to the audience, and not the actual way to solve the problem.

Let's take an example of the movie, Leader.

After the hero becomes Chief Minister, he had to release a criminal for him to continue as C.M. The Hero's mother is disappointed that, he released a criminal to keep his C.M.'s post. The events that are followed by this are, Hero's mother dies, Hero arrests the criminal and seizes the black money of all the elected representatives which is around Rs.1,00,000,00,00,000 and he calls for the elections.

If the same thing happens in the real world, the state would NOT be in a better state by what the hero did in this movie.

If a person becomes a C.M. by anyway other than his/her own mass power, then they would definitely get pressure from others in doing some unethical/illegal activities. If he/she does not do that, then very soon he/she would lose his/her post. The scale of unethical/illegal activities that he/she needs to support is indirectly proportional to his/her own mass power.

If the hero loses his post, then he cannot do anything for the society, and a crooked person takes the power and destroys the state/country. If he stays back in the post, he would have to allow few illegal things, but, he can do something to the society at his capacity. More on this at Even Good People Are Becoming Bad After Entering Politics.

Since, it is a movie, he wins and becomes C.M., But, in real world that won't happen. As in the movie, even if the government collects 1 Lakh Crore rupees of black money, still, it would be used by the same politicians, and they know very well on how to get that money into their pockets.

In most of the movies based on politics, they project, collecting black money, or giving freebies to the poor people as good. But, they never stress the point that, making people self-dependent is the first important thing.

Most of the movies stress the point that, the politicians are bad. But, hardly any movie stresses the point that, the people are electing the bad people. So, it is people who have to change, and not the politicians.

There is only one exception to this in Telugu Cinema. There is only one director/writer in Telugu cinema, who can make real political movies to inspire people. He is Posani Krishna Murali, and this post is not applicable to him. He made real political movies like, Raja Vaari Chepala Cheruvu, Operation Duryodhana etc. Unfortunately, normal people cannot accept the truth, if it is told bluntly. That's why, his movies are not so popular.

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