Monday, November 19, 2012

Restrictions on Politicians Contesting in the Elections

We should not allow someone resigning and contesting again. It is a waste of money.

We should put minimum educational qualification for the candidates.

We should not allow criminals in the elections.

We should have Retirement Age in politics.

We should have right to recall the elected representatives.

The contestant should start as a surpanch/councillor/corporator, and after serving for one full term, they should contest as MLA, and after serving for one full term only, they should contest for MP.

Why are you electing them? Don't vote for those who are not qualified according to your rules.

I do not support any kind of restriction in elections, whether it is by caste, sex, criminal record or anything. People should have complete freedom on whom to elect.

Let's suppose, there are two contestants in the elections. First person has developed the city with Rs.10 crore and did not take even single rupee as bribe. Second person has developed the city with Rs.100 crore, but took Rs.10 crore bribe.

In this case, many people would say that, the second person should not be allowed to contest. But, I want the second person to contest, and I would vote for the second person only, and I will not vote for the first person. If the majority of the people think that, second person is bad, let them not vote for the second person. But, let the people decide. Do not put any restriction on that.

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