Sunday, August 11, 2013

Parent State's Approval While Forming New State

Till 1955, in Article 3, it is mentioned that, when there is a state separation, the state's consent should be taken. It was changed during state reorganization that, union government does not need to take state's consent. The reason is, there were 550 princely states, and everything was going to be changed in building new India, and it is difficult to take state's consent for each and every small change. Near the border of any two states, if both the states claim it as part of their state, it becomes difficult to get the consent of that states. For that reason, they have amended the constitution so that, union government can reorganize the states without their consent. But, not to split the states like they want.

There was a discussion in Sarkaria Commission on whether it is must to take the consent of the parent state before separation or not. They mentioned that, union government should take the opinion of the state in separation. They also mentioned that, since, no state was formed without taking the consent of the parent state, they left it assuming this question won't arise. That is the spirit of the constitution. In one case, they may do it. But, that becomes precedent for the country. Tomorrow, if Delhi government does not like Karnataka, they would split into two. If they don't like Narendra Modi, they would split it into three. Is this the way for India to move forward?

The above is taken from the speech of Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan

Can I assume, if Telangana bill does not pass in AP Assembly, he would be against introducing the same in Parliament?

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