Saturday, August 03, 2013

Why Cannot Seemandhra Develop its Own Capital?

Most of the politicians are destroying India. But, once in a while, we get very good politician who fixes everything so that, even after he leaves the office, still for many years, the state/country will be in a better state. After a good person leaves the office, many people would try to get their share of the profit from the development done, and fight for that. Nobody bothers about continuing the same development.

The fight with Hyderabad is also very same. Many people say that, Most of the development is done by the private people and not by the government. There is no evidence that, Seemandhra people developed Hyderabad. So, Seemandhra cannot claim on the ownership of Hyderabad. And also, Seemandhra is going to get more money. So, it can be developed much better etc.

But, all these are never the root causes. The root cause is always, the bad policies of the government and not any other reason.

There are many arguments around whether Telangana people developed Hyderabad or Seemandhra people or people outside the state. "Who developed it" is never a question. Since, it is a capital, it has to be developed. In general, most of the development comes from the private organizations and private people. Again, it does not matter, from which area they have come. The other argument is, since, the development is coming from private people, a new capital can be developed with private organizations/people, and infrastructure can developed with the money that the new state gets. So, Seemandhra does not need Hyderabad.

The private investment can come only, if the government is good and it encourages the development. But, unfortunately, in India, we get one leader in one generation, who develops the state/country, and rest of the time, we just survive with what that good leader had done for the state/country.

If anyone wants to start a small school for 6th class students, the no.of approvals that they need to get from the government is huge. For very small things also, there are lot of dependencies with the government. If the head of the state aims to develop the state, everything would move fast. Otherwise, everything would stall. If the state is formed, and the CM is not for the development, then the situation would be worse, and the state will not have anything other than what they already had.

Not only the state government, but, also the union government should support for the development of the state. If Seemandhra wants to modernize Vijayawada airport or to make it international airport, union government must give full support. If Kurnool becomes capital, then, it must have good train connectivity (I am not asking for airport). Railway department has very bad history in this (since independence).

If the state government or union government is not for the development of the state, but for their pockets, then the state would be doomed, because of lack of infrastructure and developed city. Since, most probably, the next CM is not going to develop Seemandhra, the people of Seemandhra do not want to lose Hyderabad.

If we have good governance and free market economic policies, all these problems will not even exist. Since, we don't have them, Seemandhra is fighting for Hyderabad.

People can say that, if they elect a good leader, it would solve all the problems. But, if Seemandhra people ask the same question, there will not be any need to separate the state in the first place.


  1. Go to school and learn grammar then write blogs. U dumbo!

  2. Regarding the development of hyderabad.Yes its a developed one.I
    agree.Its a 5th big city in India at that time .I too agree it.
    Hyderabad state consists of 18 districts and thats the reason as a
    capital city it was a large city.After the reorganization of the
    states,Hyd state was left with only 10 districts.It would have nvr
    reached the population 0f 80 lakhs & metro status without the
    contribution of Seemandhra which constitutes of 13 districts.35 to 40
    lakhs seemandhra people are living in Hyd.This huge migration was
    happenend feeling that Hyd as their capital and investments have flown

    Many telanganites will be saying that Hyd was developed by Central
    investements.Many central investements will come to capital cities
    only which results in income generation.If the merger of T'gan with
    Seemandhra would have nvr happened,kurnool would have shared the
    development & migration of population with hyd resulting in the two
    mid tier cities in two telugu states.
    (obviously hyd will be more developed one not with the present metro status)
    I never say that only seemandhra have developed hyd.We have
    contribution in the development of hyd.

    What ever the projects lobbied from central by seemandhra or telangana
    mps,they were setup in hyd .....No one objected it becoz they felt it
    as their capital.
    Resulting in the development of the city and increase in the income
    generation of the income AD the income is 50% of the state's income

    And with the sentiment mask you people are grabbing the whole thing
    making the other part of the state left with nothing