Friday, August 16, 2013

Social Service Vs Expecting Returns

Many people and media thinks, somebody is helpful, only if that person is going to lose something while doing the help. If that person gains even insignificant things while doing the help, then many consider them as just business people, and most of the media criticizes them as the one who sucks the blood of poor people for their profits.

Many people do not bother about "Win-Win" concept. Media sees, "Win-Lose" as the only social service. People miss the point that, if somebody is always losing while doing help, then they cannot do anymore help after a certain extent, because, they would lose everything that they have.

Many times, Media criticizes even the explicit "Win-Win" business proposals, because, the proposer is getting huge percentage of profit, whereas the other party is getting negligible. If we are worried more about what others getting, and not what we are getting, then we will never develop.

If we are worried about a politician (with good intent) is trying to retain his post by illegal methods, and if we bring down the good politician and give power to another inefficient or bad politician, our life would go down only.

If anyone is taking help from others, they must make sure that, others are not losing anything while doing the help. Then only, they can get help in long term.
If anyone wants to help others, they must make sure that, they do not lose anything while doing the help. Then only, they can help in long term.

There are only two types of social services. Politics and Business. Everything else is some variant of begging.

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