Monday, September 15, 2008

Dasavatharam - A great film by Kamal Haasan

Yesterday, I watched Dasavatharam movie, and I liked it very much. Kamal Haasan acted in ten different roles in that movie. I could not recognize Kamal in many roles. Only after carefully watching, I could guess. The guess was not based on the face recognition (I am very bad at that). It was based on film reviews that I read, and dubbing by S.P.Balu. Balu gave his voice to all the ten roles with nine different voices. Because, Voice of balu is well known to me, I could easily guess it eventhough there were nine different voices.

Before releasing the film, few Vaishnava organizations filed a case against the film for hurting the sentiments of Vaishnavas. But, court ruled out the case that, they cannot file the case without watching the movie.

This is the first movie that I have seen, where there is no incorrect representation of Hinduism. This movie dealt with Vaishnava Philosophy, and all the dialogues delivered by Kamal Hasan (Rangarajan Nambi and Old Lady) and Asin were written by an expert in Vaishnava Philosophy. Only a person who has good knowledge of Vaishnava philosophy can understand those dialogues and it's inner meaning. Writing that kind of dialogues is out of question for a normal person or even for a beginner in Vaishnava Philosophy.

I have watched so many movies/serials about hindu religion, Mahabharat, Ramayana, and many other scriptures. But, in all the movies/serials that I watched, there was change of the story or incorrect representation of the scriptures, or something which is not correct. The Directors/Writers say that, it is difficult to show the exact same story, so they change it. Because of that, I lost interest in watching all the movies/serials which are based on Hinduism. But, in this movie, they have shown Vaishnava Philosophy without any incorrect representation, and it is a great thing.

I really appreciate Kamal Haasan and K.S.Ravi Kumar for making this film. Let's hope that, other directors also make films without any incorrect representation of Hindu Philosophy.


  1. this may be off-topic.. but somewhere i came to know that Kamal is atheist

  2. May be. But, I don't care what Kamal Haasan follows personally.

    Kamal Haasan has given so much respect to Vaishnavas in this movie, which nobody else has done before. Taking the vaishnava philosophy to so many people is itself a big service to Vishnu.

    At any time, I respect Kamal Haasan more than the priests in Puri temple and other similar temples, who are destroying Hinduism in all the possible ways.