Saturday, September 06, 2008

First day at Loksatta

Today, I started working for Loksatta. We went to Vijay Nagar Colony, and did door to door campaign for Loksatta. People in the area we covered were highly educated and of upper middle class. We got a very positive response. We heard dialogues like,

  • I know about Jayaprakash Narayana.
  • I know about Loksatta. You don't need to tell anything.
  • I know Jayaprakash Narayana since he was IAS officer.
  • I work for Gemini TV. I interviewed Jayaprakash Narayana.
  • When Jayaprakash Narayana was Managing Director, I was a General Manager.

We went to a house, and asked the watchman to call some one in the house. He went and called, and one person came down. After seeing him, I felt like seeing him somewhere. I wondered whether he was a cine actor or not. But, could not get clarity. His name is K.Sankar Rao. He started asking questions like what is the position of the party, whether it is going to make alliance with Chiranjeevi party etc. When we were discussing, I heard three words, "BJP, his brother, and Satyanaranapuram". I got it by that. Kota Srinivasa Rao got BJP ticket for Satyanarayanapuram assembly loksabha constituency. K.Sankar Rao is famous actor in TV serials. I stopped watching TV serials a long time back. So, I could not recognize him immediately.

After that campaign, I went to Loksatta Party Office, and attended the Press Meet of Dr.Jayaprakash Narayana. One common problem that I observed about the media is, the journalists do not have that much understanding about politics, and administration. They are expecting the answer for any question in very simple words known to everyone. The problem is there for all the journalists of all the news papers, and TV Channels. They force the politicians to give their stand on some thing which is not a problem. Even if Dr.JP clearly says that, it is a not problem because of X, Y, Z, still they ask him to tell in simple words like Support or Oppose. But, they are not aware of "Does not matter". They don't understand it, and because of that, they cannot write it in the news clearly. That is a big disadvantage of Loksatta.


  1. kudos to you!
    Wishing you the best in your endeavors!

    Keep updating your blog on how it goes.

  2. Thanks arvind.

    Sure. I will update the blog regularly with what's going on.

  3. Nice initiative Satish. Loksatta is our real chance to bring the 'change' that we are all looking for. We have seen how the newly launched parties are functioning. Its the same old wine with a new name as we are witnessing mega scale oppourtunism.
    A lot need to be done to get Loksatta to the masses. But the easiest thing to do is to get those, who always talk about clean politics but never come out to vote on the polling day - its a vote holiday for them - to come out of the comfort and vote.

    All the best.

  4. lol @ media. It's not just mere understanding but they are disappointed because they can't get the masala what they are looking for. You reckon they care about good politics?

  5. Good luck satish, i juss registered as a voter to vote for Loksata

  6. Yesterday I joined in this party. I came to know that, most of people do not know about this party. Now a days publicity is the major factor. Till this party couldnot release the manifesto. First off all I am a big fan of JP. Why because their policies are very good and no one challege without distributing money and liquor by upcoming elections. Only JP was stated. Why our politicians disagree with these activities. Defenatley it is revolution for anti corruption and new politics. Best of knowledge I recommended spread the party curriculam to all ground level people (i.e. Villages, student unions) please foeward your opinion ti my email

  7. some grametical mistake are there. please correct it and accept it

  8. Do you mind telling me the manifesto of lok satta? I mean I searched for it but it was not stating some thing precisely.. Well I am PRP supporter. But still I would certainly go 4 JP if his manifesto is promising. I dont mind ( in fact people) whether its chiranjeevi or JP..but one who can give good practical promises and can really practice them . So please let me know precisely what JP is planning to do .