Friday, September 12, 2008

KBC was fined Rs.1 crore

A news article in IBN Live says, National Consumer Commission imposed a fine of Rs.1 crore on Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). Airtel (Sponsor of KBC) earned Rs.13.92 crore by the SMS sent by the viewers for the questions asked in KBC. In that, the prize amount was only Rs.1 crore. National Consumer Commission feels that, it is unfair practice, and fined Rs.1 crore.

I am not sure whether it is fair or not. What the Commission and the petitioners expect Airtel and Starplus to do in this case? Reducing the SMS price or increasing the prize money? If they receive less no.of SMS, then they will make losses, and no company wants to make losses. Even with the existing setup, they have so many expenditures like paying almost Rs.1 crore to Shahrukh Khan per episode, and many other expenditures similar to that. Do they understand those?

If we agree that, KBC is following unfair practices, then what about thousands of other contests in hundred other channels? Almost in all the channels, there are atleast ten programs where they have similar contests. There are many other programs, where one can vote by sending SMS and they will not get anything in return. What about those programs? Does someone have to give complaint for this?

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