Monday, September 01, 2008

Joined Loksatta

Yesterday, I joined Loksatta party as an active member.

For a long time, I have been reading about politics and India, and wanted to do some contribution, however small it is. My uncle is actively involved in one political party for a long time. He spent a lot of money for that. Still, the maximum that he got was, contesting as a ward member in a 2nd grade municipality. He did not contest at that time, because he was not feeling well. So, he can try for the same after 5 years by spending significant amount of money again. After seeing these, I felt like, there is nothing that I can do by joining politics right now.

In the last week of July, Dr.Jayaprakash Narayana announced the manifesto of Loksatta. After reading the manifesto, and watching his speeches in TV, I understood that, we cannot get a better Leader than him. If he becomes CM, then he will take care of the state very well. I thought I should do some thing in reaching his goal (which is also my goal), and I wanted to contribute something to Loksatta.

Yesterday, I went to the party office and joined as an active member. I talked to Sri K.Srinivasa Rao (contestant of Khairatabad in the last by-elections) and few others. They suggested me to come to the party office every saturday, and participate in anything which I like.

This is the first time for me to start a new initiative without any road blocks. Till now, whenever I wanted to start a new thing (however small it is), I faced many road blocks in the beginning. Only after trying few times, I was successful. But for joining in Loksatta, I did not face any problems. Yesterday, I decided to join Loksatta at around 3 AM. I started from my home at around 12 PM, and went to the office at 1 PM. I attended a meeting, joined the party, and talked to few people, and came out of the office at 3 PM. There was no other new activity which I had done this much fast and without any road blocks.