Friday, August 29, 2008

P.V.Narasimha Rao

Pamulaparti Venkata Narasimha Rao is one of the great Prime Minsters we had. He was the first Prime Minister of India from South. Many people does not know that he was a very good Prime Minister, because, Congress never gave recognition to him.

In 1991, P.V.Narasimha Rao retired from politics. Due to the death of Rajiv Gandhi, Congress became the single largest party in the parliament in 1991 General Elections. But, it did not have majority. Congress selected P.V.N.Rao as the Prime Minister, eventhough he did not contest in the General Elections. In his cabinet, he took two people who were not MPs (one was Manmohan Singh), and he himself was not an MP. To make him MP, Gangula Prathapa Reddy (MP of Nandyal) resigned to his MP position. Then, P.V.N.Rao contested from Nandyal. Because, he was the first Prime Minister of India from Andhra Pradesh, and then Leader of Telugu Desam (Chief Opposition Party) N.T.Rama Rao did not want to create any obstacle in his way, and did not put any contestant against him. By that, he won the election with a majority of more than 500,000, which is a world record.

In 1990, India almost became bankrupt. The financial situation was worst. After he became the PM, he liberalized the Indian Economy. He brought the country to a stable state from almost bankrupt state. Eventhough credit goes to Manmohan singh, but, still his contribution is also very significant. At that time also, Sonia Gandhi tried to control him, but he carefully avoided her. He had kept complete authority over the loyalties of Gandhi family like Arjun Singh. Because of his authority over them, N.D.Tiwari, and G.K.Moopanar started their own parties, and Arjun Singh joined N.D.Tiwari. Because of his leadership and authority over everyone in the Cabinet, and Party, he could do whatever is good for the country. Whatever Manmohan Singh did as Finance Minister, he could not do the same as Prime Minister. Manmohan Singh was always controlled by people like Sonia Gandhi, and Arjun Singh. By that, one can clearly understand the leadership of P.V.Narasimha Rao.

According to Vajpayee, when he became the PM in 1996 P.V.N.Rao handed him a piece of paper which simply stated 'Bomb is ready. You can go ahead.' (referring to a nuclear device) and asked that it should not be made public. Vajpayee revealed this only after the death of P.V.Narasimha Rao.

L.K.Advani said in his book My Country My Life, "P.V.Narasimha Rao is the best Prime Minister after Lal Bahadur Sastry". L.K.Advani was the leader of Chief Opposition when P.V.N.Rao was Prime Minister. Still, he praised him, and wrote so many pages positively about P.V.N.Rao in his book. I am not aware of any other Chief Opposition leader, who praised the leader of the Government at that time. It shows the greatness of P.V.Narasimha Rao as well as the honesty of L.K.Advani.

Unfortunately, Congress did not give any recognition to him even in Andhra Pradesh. Other than naming one highway in Hyderabad, there is nothing that it did for P.V.N.Rao. The publicity, importance, and recognition given by L.K.Advani, Abdul Kalam, and N.T.Rama Rao is much more than the same given by Congress when he was not in power (i.e., 1996 - till now). When most of the states naming their airports in the name of the great personalities of their state, the present Congress government removed N.T.R.'s name for the Domestic Airport. If Telugu Desam party comes to power again, they will try to undo whatever is done by Congress in the case of N.T.Rama Rao. Congress is not naming anything in the name of P.V.Narasimha Rao, and not allowing Telugu Desam Party to name anything in his name, by making them busy in undoing all the things that they did in the case of N.T.R. If Andhra Pradesh Congress does not give recognition to the first Prime Minister from AP, then who is going to tell about him to everyone and to future generation?


  1. Hi,

    Very good article om PV NR.

    I think you can also mention one more point.

    In Nandyal by-election, NTR (then CM of AP) did not keep any opposition to PV as a gesture to another Telugu man ascending to a great position.

    Today's leaders have to learn this kind of handling things...


  2. Yeah. I mentioned that in the second paragraph.

    It is very difficult to see that kind of leaders in this time.

  3. Nice article. Am reading Sri. Rao's "The Insider" its a wonderful book - particularly if you want to follow the deterioration of politics in India.

    A.P is ruled by scum bags( the opposition in no better either ). Wish these so called leaders learn from Mr. Rao

  4. It is a very good article on P.V Narasimha rao. Congress, after Rajiv Gandhi`s death, is controlled by Sonia Gandhi who just wants power and trying to bring back her son. Except Gandhi as last name they dont have real Indian background now as she is an Italian and her son is half Italian and may marry another country citizen.

    I really hate congress and the country getting controlled by one outsider. She is the one behind P.V s insult after death. He should be cremated in Delhi, the same place where other (Gandhis) were cremated. Just because he did not obey her orders she gave this treatment and congressmen followed it blindly. YSR should be shameful about this and still praise the family keeping Indira, Rajiv`s names for different padhakams. Instead she should respect PV by keeping them on his name.

    Telangana people also should wake up and fight to get back PVs lost respect.

    Raj Nauduri

  5. pamulaparthi was only man who changed path of nation from bankruptcy to the path as a great power in the world. But unfortunately his name is being buried as he is not a 'Gandhi' or 'Hindi'or a north Indian at least. However people remember his service to the nation.The great scholar patriate and intellectual of the world is being not recognized by either congress party or by government of India or Andhra pradesh it should be regarded as cruel. sugunaprasad kalvala

  6. No other Leader in A.P or India of modern politics is as good as P.V.N.R.I think he is a Real bomb in congress and opposition parties.
    The Man with real courage is the tag line of narshimarao Faced many baseless allegations till his death is the ONLY recognisation for him.That is really bad by Dirty Gandhi politics and congress Politics.I think we have to kick congress out of this elections in both parliment and Assembly.For pvs rest soul peace.

    Gandhis family is like this.

    The father married an italian daughter and now the son will married/kept a bangladeshi girl may be the next girl for Prime Ministerial candidate of india.Its really bad .Is n't it a stupid.

    what all we doing here(Indians) are we are Jokers here.are we here Hijras.where the self respect has gone.where the quit India movement has gone.where freedom moment for India has gone.

    Is the independence what we get is an Drama sponsered by the Media for Entertainement.

    Jai telugu Jai sanskrit

  7. Without doubt, history recognises the great P.V.Narasimha Rao as the PM who pulled India out of the doldrums and put it on the world economic map. But for him, we would have been still rotting with MTNL phones and may even be rationed rice! Chandrababu Naidu supplemented the effort by his phenomenal contribution in IT sector.

    There have been many circulating messages about the past of the Nehru family. The less said about it the better. For some idea you may Google for Robert Vadra (Husband of Bianca alias Prianka Gandhi)

  8. instead of taking pride of Mr pv regime the present day congress govt is avoiding his name,achievements, reformsc.The gandhis in cong govt command are very much famous for tampering history for their benefit,for that matter nehuru is not exempted.many great

    freedom fighters could not get the place in indian history,And so is Mr pv.serving as pm for five years,sailing on minority govt,taking in charge of country when economic condition was pathetic . no doubt we are enjoying the benefits of his reformers ,Don't any one think he deserved a samadhi in the capital.

  9. NTR and PVNR are real telugu heros.