Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Faith in God

My faith in god has been like a typical up and down graph. Sometimes my belief in god is very strong while at other times, I don't think god exists.

Well there has got to be some sort of power that is just there, if everything had a scientific answer, there wouldn't be anything like miracles. Miracles do happen - sometimes things go beyond logic and rationale. I have experienced a few myself. Somewhere deep inside me I know there is some sort of a supernatural power but its just for me to conceptualize it.

So I have devised a strategy. Math majors would know about this. When I was in grade 9, we learned how to solve differential equations. A differential equation is solved by starting with the solution itself. Sounds weird, doesn't it? It sounded very weird to me, especially when I hated math so much, but that's the way it was. To solve a differential equation, you need its solution right at the first step - so whether or not you want to know the solution then, you need it so as to solve it. My belief in god seems analogous to the solving process of this differential equation. I need to believe or stick it in my head that there is a god (the solution) and only then I could go about finding answers to my questions of life (differential equation). So with the solution in mind (belief in god) I can start about solving (path of spirituality) the differential equation of my life.

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