Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dedication of the website

I would like to dedicate this website (blog.tnsatish.com) to five people who changed my life. It does not mean that, nobody else changed my life, or the help done by others is not significant. But, these five people have changed my life drastically, and I became a different person after interacting with them.

The five people who changed me in the chronological order of their first significant help.

Roja Rani Nori
She is a great friend to have. Her inspiration and encouragement is invaluable at all times.

Vineet Sawhney
I met him first in Mumbai. He was doing his dual degree at that time. He was the one who introduced me to Krishna Consciousness. He taught me many things in Krishna Consciousness, and cleared many doubts that I had. He used to come to my room regularly, and used to preach many things in spirituality. In retrospect, I feel that, I had not given enough respect to him.

Rupesh Nasre
He was my classmate in Mumbai, and a great friend to have. He taught me many things in technical and social activities. He was my guide in hacking, scripting and in many others. On 31st March 2002, few of my classmates were talking in general. Suddenly, somebody asked one question related to some data that we had got just an hour back. In my mind, I calculated that, it would take around 15 minutes for me to solve it by writing a program. But, rupesh is very intelligent, and he will take much less time, and I have to exaggerate him. So, I told them that rupesh can solve this problem in 15 seconds. He showed the result in 10 seconds. That was the first time that I could not exaggerate someone. That's when I realized that there are few people who are much more capable than MY IMAGINATION. Even now also, I cannot exaggerate him. When I came to know that, he was getting married to Meghana (his classmate in B.Tech and our junior in M.Tech), the first thing that came to my mind was, "Meghana is lucky".

Lord Krishna of ISKCON Radha Rasabihari Temple, Juhu, Mumbai
After my M.Tech, I worked in Mumbai for some time. At that time, I used to go to Juhu temple on all saturdays and sundays, morning and evening. Krishna is very beautiful in that temple, and I liked him very much. By visiting the temple regularly, I became very spiritual. That temple became my favorite temple, and Mumbai became my favorite place because of that temple. Had trilogy been there in Mumbai, I would have been in completely different track by now.

Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith was a Distinguished Engineer in Trilogy. After started working with him, I realized that I did not know how to write code eventhough I had been in the computers field for more than 6 years. I learned how to write code, and how to solve the problems. Working with him changed my attitude. I learned that the goal should be always, "Solve the root problem in the most efficient way". Everybody agrees to this, but not that many people apply this in their day to day problems. By working with him, I saw huge difference between others solving the root problem, and in the most efficient way, and he solving the same. In retrospect, if I had to chose between working with him for no salary, or working for a very good salary, I would have chosen working with him. (Fortunately, I got opportunity to work with him with a very good salary.)


  1. Best Wishes, Satish. May you encounter many more fundu people in the world.

  2. I became a fan of Rupesh Nasre after reading his Bhondoo stories... Its really unimaginable how an outstanding scholar like him could have such a great sense of humour. You are really lucky to know him personally..