Thursday, August 28, 2008

S.P.Bala Subarhmanyam - Kathanayakudu

Atleast 90% of the readers think that, this article is about songs sung by Dr.S.P.Bala Subrahmanyam in the movie Kathanayakudu. But, this is about Dubbing by Dr.S.P.Bala Subrahmanyam.

Almost everyone knew that S.P.Balu was a monopoly in singing in Telugu industry. But, many people did not know that he is the number one dubbing artist. Other than Sai Kumar, I don't think a normal viewer knows any other dubbing artist. People know Sai Kumar, mainly because he became a hero after giving his voice to Suman and Rajasekhar. Other dubbing artists were not that much popular, mainly because Telugu Cinema industry does not give enough importance to them.

In most of the big/popular movies dubbed from other languages, If the hero or the senior actor in that movie does not know telugu, then the voice was given by Balu except in the case of Rajinikanth. I think he used to give his voice to Rajinikanth in the beginning. But, for a long time, he was not giving. In Kathanayakudu movie, again S.P.Balu gave his voice to Rajinikanth.

After seeing the movie, many people may give negative comments to his dubbing. It is because, if we are used to hear one kind of voice for a person, and if it is suddenly changed, then we will not like it. Same thing may happen for this movie as well.

S.P.Balu became a dubbing artist with the movie Manmadha Leela, and after that he gave his voice to many people including Kamal Hasan, Rajinikanth, Mohanlal, Suman, Naresh, Nazar, Raghuvaran, Bhagyaraj, Girish Karnad, Gemini Ganesh, Nagesh, Karthik, Vinodkumar, and many more. He got the inaugural Andhra Nandi Award for the best dubbing artist for the movie Annamayya for his voice to Suman. Balu expected Award for his songs in Annamayya, but he got for his dubbing in this movie. (However, he got the best singer award for his song in Priya Ragalu in that year).

Eventhough many people suggested him to do not tell dubbing, because he may lose his sweet voice. But, still balu continued with the dubbing since 1975 to many actors. He had two surgeries to his throat. Even then he did not stop dubbing, and he is still involved in all the fields that he is good at. Balu got Nandi Awards for best singer, music director, dubbing artist, and supporting actor, and his movie got Nandi Award for best movie. I am not aware of anyone in Telugu industry who got Nandi awards in five different fields.

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